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Supporting the literary arts in Laguna Beach

Writing Workshop Series

Laguna Beach Community Services Department Writing Workshop Series


Susi Q Center, 380 Third Street -- For more information or to enroll: Click here.



How to Improve the First Few Pages of Your Novel

to Attract the Attention of Agents

A hands-on workshop that is both candid and kind. By the end of the session, through targeted discussions of each participant’s first five novel pages, as well as those of a few established writers, you’ll learn valuable fiction-writing skills that will make your work stand out in a crowded field and (with luck!) attract the attention of agents.


Effective Communication in a Digital World

Learn how to prepare a 2-3 minute icebreaker speech and then give your speech to the class. You will receive immediate feedback and evaluations from the Toastmasters instructors.


The Art of the Short Story

Participants will learn techniques for generating authentic and unique story ideas as well as the elements necessary to create an effective story. Through independent exercises and an examination of a few classic texts, we’ll unlock the inner writer, silence the inner critic, and create original material.


The Art of Reading and Understanding Fiction

There is a skill to reading and appreciating stories. This workshop will teach you the method to the madness behind great fiction. Two short stories will be explored in a book-club format. This class is great for writers. Like an artist, to master your craft you need to understand what makes certain works great.


The Nuts-and-Bolts of Novel Writing

Learn proper formatting and grammar techniques for fiction writing. Gain an understanding of genres, POVs, “showing not telling,” crafting dialog, word choice, and switching tenses. Along with techniques and tricks of the trade, participants will receive advice on how to get their story told quickly and revise it after.


Writing for Television or Movies

Attendees will learn and discuss the language and tools used when crafting a story for the screen. The class itself is an exploration of character development, a lesson in understanding cinematic plot points and an appreciation of film and story.